Some cooking, some kittens, and some ballet…

It’s been a busy week or so lately, among other things I spent this weekend helping my very good friend who had been staying with me has move into her new flat.

In other news…KITTENS:


My cat Thisbe had 5 kittens last week, this is them at 2 days old I think. They’ve grown so much already! We waited a few days before touching them to let Thisbe bond with them and relax, but now they’re a little older we’ve been very gently petting them. I can’t wait for them to open their eyes and start walking!

In unrelated (semi-)news, I bought a slow cooker recently and on Friday I tried out my first recipe. I used the marvellous Can You Stay For Dinner’s Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos one, found here and it was delicious, ridiculously easy and I will definitely be making it again (and hopefully taking some pictures)!

ROH Alice

The final thing to mention today, is that I saw the last night of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House on Saturday. It was an excellent performance, Lauren Cuthbertson was unfortunately out with an injury, but Sarah Lamb was both adorable and funny as Alice. Edward Watson was as always excellent as the White Rabbit, while Zenaida Yanowsky’s hilarious Queen of Hearts gets funnier every year. Steven McRae tapped marvellously, and then did a sneaky encore, in fact everyone’s curtain calls were brilliantly in character. Spotted a hilarious Bennet Gartside as a resigned card as well, and lovely Leanne Cope as one of Alice’s sisters.

Right, am off to see Othello at the National Theatre in a minute, so over and out everyone! Hope you’re having a good Tuesday!


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