Easter egg madness and Johnny Clegg

I hope everyone has had a marvellous Easter weekend, we hosted a lunch on Easter Sunday for a big group of people and made lots of food. The highlight was the Easter Egg Hunt though, where some of our (adult) friends became very competitive and went tearing round the house hunting for all the eggs laughing hysterically!

Allie Duthie - Easter Eggs

The week before I went with my sisters and mother to see the amazing Johnny Clegg at the Royal Albert Hall. When my older sister was living in South Africa she discovered and fell in love with his music, and he’s since become a car cd staple with us all pretending we can speak Zulu and singing along to our favourites. Because Johnny Clegg is exceedingly cool, here he his singing with the amazing Mandela in a song about Mandela’s imprisonment:

I would really recommend listening to more of his music, particularly the Best of Johnny Clegg and Suvaka CD which is just choc full of amazingness, and especially my favourite song Dela (roughly translates as ‘content’) and which some people may remember from the George of The Jungle film (I make no apologies for having watched that in my youth!):


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