Out Of Order – Putney Arts Theatre

Out of Order 2

I’ve been pretty busy lately (I’m remaking some trousers right now actually) working on a new play at Putney Arts Theatre for Putney Theatre Company and it opens soon! Aside from the fact I still have quite a few things to do, it’s coming together really well, the cast are hilarious and I think it’s going to be a great one!

If you’ve never been to Putney Arts Theatre (South West London) before, I would encourage anyone who can to come and give it a go, its a fantastic theatre (and charity) run by many volunteers who care about making great productions. The theatre houses Group64, a youth theatre group and Putney Theatre Company, as well as sometimes hosting outside productions and art exhibitions as well. Tickets are a very reasonable £10/£7 and everyone involved has given up an awful lot of their time to try and make a great show, and so it would be wonderful to have packed audiences every night!

Out Of Order is on from Tuesday 26th February to Saturday 2nd March, at 7.45pm every night, and tickets can be bought online through the website here, over the phone by calling the box office on 020 8788 6943, or on the door.


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