While I’ve been away…

I’m afraid I’ve been absent rather too long around these parts. Unfortunately my grandmother died recently and so I’ve been up to Scotland and back for the funeral since I last posted. There was the most amazing amount of snow up there, so for added fun we got to dig the car out on multiple occasions while in dresses and tights (thank god for snowboots!) and avoid looking like drowned rats when the heavily falling snow got on and into everything!

My Granny had reached the grand old age of 97 when she died. She was born in 1915, which is a bit mad to contemplate, such a long time ago! The service book included a picture of her in her younger days, one I hadn’t actually seen before:

Granny - Allie Duthie

I read a poem as well, which my sister found and we thought was lovely and also quite appropriate:

Our Memories Build A Special Bridge – Emily Matthews

Our memories build a special bridge
When loved ones have to part
To help us feel we’re with them still
And soothe a grieving heart
They span the years and warm our lives
Preserving ties that bind
Our memories build a special bridge
And bring us peace of mind

Anyway, I hope to resume normal service here from now onwards, and LegalBallerina has kindly nominated me for an award so I promise to respond to that very soon!


4 thoughts on “While I’ve been away…

  1. So sorry for your loss. The photo of her is striking. I love finding old photos of my parents and grandparents — I love seeing them at an age I never knew. Makes me realize they too had their own dreams and passions.

    • Thank you! I love love love looking at old photos of relatives, it’s amazing to look at faces and realize that they grew up in a time so different to the one we’re in now! Plus the entertaining haircuts and fashions!

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