The Priory Pictures (finally!)

I know I said ages ago I would post a few pictures from The Priory, and clearly I haven’t yet so I’m remedying that now:

Allie Duthie The Priory 1

Allie Duthie The Priory 2

Allie Duthie The Priory 3

From left to right: Jonathan Tilley, Lizzie Carter, Robin Lewis, Polly Seymour, Andy Chisholm, Kate Kenyon and Justin Stahley (all photos taken by me)

These are just a few, but I think the group ones are the best, the second picture I took before the set was quite finished during a rehearsal, and the third was the first night curtain call.

It was a great show to work on and I had loads of fun with the people and the costumes! I’m working on a new show at Putney Arts Theatre which is on at the end of February, it’s another comedy so should be fun!


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