The end of The Priory, ROH’s Nutcracker and Royal Danish Ballet

The Priory is finished! I’m a little sad now that it’s over but we had an excellent cast and crew party after the last show on Saturday evening and I didn’t make it home until 7am so that made for a pajama Sunday!

I went to see the wonderful Royal Opera House Nutcracker last week as well and it made me feel all wonderful and festive for the first time this year. It really is a superb production, I’ll try and write something proper about it this week.

Continuing the Christmas/ballet theme, I saw this beautiful photo of the Royal Danish Ballet on Pinterest and thought it was just lovely. Unfortunately I don’t have any details of who it’s by as it doesn’t have a link connected to it or any information. If you want to see more of my (slightly obsessive) collection of dance photography I have pinned, take a look at my ‘Just Dance’ board on Pinterest here.

Royal Danish Ballet


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