Knitting for ‘Rienzi’ at Theatre du Capitole in Toulouse

A little while ago I was working on some theatrical knitting with Trevor Collins for a Wagner opera in France called ‘Rienzi’. We machine and hand knitted an unbelievable number of metres of fabric in a variety on techniques and crocheted a fair bit too. I think we sent off around 200 metres total of fabric and this was then turned into costumes for the production.

In the pictures below (all taken by Tommaso Le Pera I think) you can see waistcoats, cardigans and scarfs on the soldiers and women that were all knitted or crocheted and have been dyed and cut up from the enormous lengths to make these garments.






It was quite a stressful job but oddly satisfying to be able to tick off the lengths metre by metre, seeing the huge piles of fabric we had created! Plus Trevor taught me to crochet and it was a great way to learn as it wasn’t supposed to be perfectly uniform so my total lack of experience was rather a bonus!


2 thoughts on “Knitting for ‘Rienzi’ at Theatre du Capitole in Toulouse

    • Thank you! I think stubborn is probably more accurate, once I got a certain number of metres in, it became a bit of a personal mission to get it done! Plus there was a certain satisfaction watching the courier guy struggle to pick up the massive and heavy boxes full of knitting at the end!

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