To Catch a Thief

The BFI in London have been having a wonderful Alfred Hitchcock season recently and showing all of his films in their cinemas. On Friday I popped along to see To Catch A Thief with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. I love Hitchcock films, but I hadn’t actually seen this one before so it was great to watch it on a big screen in a (surprisingly comfortable) seat amongst lots of other fans.

There were also, unsurprisingly, some spectacular costumes. The standouts being the ones worn for the masked ball at the end of the film. I don’t think I’ve ever seen some much gold on any one person before, and the size of the skirts and decadent headpieces were gloriously overdone by all concerned. At a slightly less extravagant moment of the film, Grace Kelly wears this beautiful white dress (which has a more detailed bodice underneath those hands) while Cary Grant looks his usual dapper self in a series of very nicely tailored suits, and at one point, one pair of very fetching swimming trunks!

I love going to the cinema, when I was at uni in Manchester, I developed quite an addiction to a wonderful arts cinema there, The Cornerhouse. They had an event where twice a month on a Sunday, they’d show classic films (at very reasonable prices) at midday, and since they did an excellent brunch it was a rather lovely way to send the day. I went and saw films I knew and loved, films I’d heard of but never seen, as well as films I’d never heard of but thought why not! Films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Some Like it Hot; Now, Voyager; The Leopard; Went The Day Well and Metropolis. I loved being able to sit and really concentrate on the film, when watching something at home, it’ so easy to be distracted by other things, for me it’s normally my laptop, this blog, my knitting or the cats!

Do you enjoy going to the cinema? Anything you’ve seen lately that you’d recommend?

( On a random note, this is my 100th post!)


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