The Great Train Robbery

Having mentioned Monty Python before, I thought I’d add another of my favourite comedy groups, Beyond The Fringe, made up of Alan Bennett, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller. I laughed myself silly when I first listened to them perform, and used them and other comedy satire from the 1960s in the UK as inspiration for a project on art foundation.

Unknown photographer

One of my favourite sketches is Alan Bennett’s T. E. Lawrence monologue, later used in his play ‘Forty Years On’, but unfortunately I can’t find a clip of it, so one of my other favourites ‘The Great Train robbery, which will have to entertain you for the moment:

You can find a dvd of their show, as well as audio cds, and books both about them and by them on Amazon. A particular recommendation for a history of satire in the 60s is ‘That Was Satire, That Was’, a book I thoroughly enjoyed when reading for research on my project, which you can find on Amazon (UK) here.


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