London 2012, it’s all kinds of awesome!

I’ve been getting very into the London 2012 Olympics, the coverage by the BBC has been excellent and I’ve never been so excited to watch so much sport before in my life, something I normally avoid on TV like the plague! I have so much respect for all those competing and I’m feeling very proud of all of our amazing British athletes and the fantastic job they are doing at these games. If you’re watching too, who are you rooting for?

(Photo from,uk)


4 thoughts on “London 2012, it’s all kinds of awesome!

  1. I love the Olympics! It was a slightly gutting realisation yesterday evening that I had to actually get up and come to work today rather than indulging in another day languishing on the sofa channel hopping and getting over emotionally involved…

    • I spent all the weekends watching it and felt the same come Monday! There was quite a bit of obsessive refreshing of the BBC page to update the news and medals tables at work on my part, I just got so into it! I’ve never been more simultaneously terrified or amazed than I was by the Russian Synchronised Swimmers group freestyle, mind blown! If you haven’t see it, watch it!
      I’m sad I’ll be away for the Paralympics, I’m definitely going to be catching up when I’m back, and living vicariously through it all again!

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