Mittens, mittens, whose got the mittens…

I made these for my best friend last November for her birthday as it gets pretty nippy during winter out where she is. They were quicker to make than I’d expected, especially considering I cleverly didn’t bother to find a pattern and just made it up, so when it came to making the second one I had to try and remember exactly what I’d done! I actually ended up knitting at an office where I was doing some temp work, and one of the bosses found it hilarious that I was sat at the desk knitting while waiting for emails to come through. I also knitted some of these on a train up to Scotland while listening to a Miss Marple, very appropriate I felt, though I managed to fall asleep about 10 minuets later, in true Allie style I just can’t stay awake on a train!

Anyway long story short, mittens were made, and the yarn was fantastic, it was a Rowan wool cashmere blend I think, in what looked like a crochet chain, so it was nice a springy and made a rather lovely pattern when knitted, plus the slightly varying grey was a nice colour to work in without being too cutesy.


2 thoughts on “Mittens, mittens, whose got the mittens…

  1. Thank you! I’ve fallen asleep all over London, tube, trains, buses, public transport seems to make me sleepy. Thankfully nothing bad has happened yet, though I should probably be more careful!

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