I’ve just finished watching the absolutely amazing Royal Ballet live streaming on YouTube that’s been going on all day. I missed a chunk in the middle, but it was fascinating to see the all the dancers working so hard in classes and rehearsals and to watch the interviews with various dancers, choreographers and teachers. The live streaming was a great idea, people were tweeting and facebooking about it all day, and it’s really highlighted the strength and dedication involved with being a professional dancer.

George Lamb didn’t do too bad a job presenting it all either, and I can see that his lack of knowledge meant he asked questions that the viewers new to ballet would want to ask, and he seemed to have been genuinely impressed by what he saw. There were a couple of niggles though, I do feel he could have learned the links and names a bit better, rather than slightly stutteringly reading them off cards, and I think he could have prepared some question a bit better for the dancers so that the mini interviews had a bit more focus and gave the viewer a bit more. I also wish that more of the dancers had been interviewed, I would have loved to hear from more of them, even if briefly.

Overall it was a brilliant idea though, and addictive watching, the Royal Opera House have really stepped up in terms of social media and this was a great idea for people to really see what goes on behind the rehearsal room doors at the Royal Ballet.

On a very vaguely related note (love a good segue) I am completely in love with the song from this short dance film, created by choreographers Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel from the dance company Champloo Dance Company. The song was composed by Phil King, and it fits the whole mood of the piece so perfectly, as well as being an amazing song!

The description on YouTube explains the idea behind the piece well:

Two new-found companions embark on a journey adventuring up a wooded mountain, finding jubilance and strength in the experience. Expressed through bboying-based dance.

I love to watch short dance films, especially as I’m attempting something similar as a project with some friends and so I can pretend all this time on YouTube is “research”! I love the energy here, and that it has been choreographed so cleverly around the landscape, I think it has been filmed just outside Bristol, and I think that working outside of a standard dance studio can sometimes be just what is needed to make a piece of dance that much more exciting, as well as perhaps accessible to a contemporary audience.

Any short dance films you like? Views on the Royal Ballet live streaming on YouTube? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Stronger

  1. This was the first dance film that i’ve seen of this sort and i was blown away, the song, dancing, setting, even the tattoos all add up so beautifully. now i might just have to check out more from the royal ballet.

    Something that really set it aside for me was how everything felt so free and it was done in the woods.

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