Cats make terrible doctors

I don’t know why but this picture really makes me laugh, Hugh Laurie is a comic genius and as House has created an iconic character in an excellent TV show. This is from Episode 18 in Season 5, and centers around a woman who is convinced this cat has predicted her death.

A special shoutout to a fellow House fan, my very best friend Yoon, who is far too far away, works far too hard, and definitely deserves to be cheered up by a little whimsical House picture, I’m just sad I’m not there to do it in person!

Hope this helps a little Yoon, and so looking forward to seeing you in a month or two!


2 thoughts on “Cats make terrible doctors

  1. You have to smile at that picture. He’s such a great actor. I saw an interview with Craig Ferguson and he is so completely different from his House character.

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