Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

With the return of some cold weather lately, I’ve been wanting something to keep my toes cosy in while I potter around the house, these are some of my favourite solutions found so far (curtsey of Pinterest, link to the right):

Soft Crochet Slippers in Linen by FiveSisterz, find them on their Etsy store here

Caron’s Elf Slippers, find the pattern and instructions here

Tangelo’s Cosy Toes pattern found on Ravelry here (you’ll need an account to see it, but it’s free to sign up!)

I’m feeling warmer already, how about you?


7 thoughts on “Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m not a very good crochet-er (what would the word be?) so I was wondering about converting them to knitting patterns, though it just adds to my already overlong list of projects to finish/start and finish!
      Thanks for the comment and like.

  1. Do you have the pattern for the elf slippers? It has been removed from the Caron site. I’d love to make them! Thanks!

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