I’m just travelin’ travelin’ travelin’

I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of traveling in between studying over the past few years, and I always take my camera with me. Below are a few of my favourite pictures from a couple of trips.

Tigers at the Rhino and Lion Sanctuary in South Africa

Though I like this picture, I actually didn’t like the Sanctuary much, as the tigers were being kept in enclosures too small for them and were trained to do tricks for an audience, it all just felt quite unnatural, especially as Tigers wouldn’t naturally occur in the wild in Africa at all.

Lake Baikal in Siberia

Taking this photo felt like a real achievement as it was at the conclusion of a long hike up to this summit in surprisingly hot temperatures for Siberia! I loved being by Lake Baikal (though getting burnt on the beach was a bit unexpected), it was one of my favourite moments of doing the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian journey from St Petersburg, through Russia, to Mongolia and then finally to Beijing.

A cheetah chasing a lure at Savannah Cheetah Foundation (now Dell Cheetah Centre) in South Africa

This was the one successful photo of many I tried to take of the cheetahs running, a lure attached to a motor was used to exercise them and they loved it. This is Jemima and she was one of the friendlier cheetahs, it was an amazing experience to volunteer with this project, I would definitely recommend animal projects to anyone thinking of doing something similar, but do you research to make sure they’re ethically run first!

The fountain at Castle Howard, UK

I took this several years ago when a couple of friends and I decided to do a trip round some big old fancy houses, particularly ones which were familiar to us from period dramas, so we saw Chatsworth and Lyme Park, but my highlight was definitely Castle Howard. Not only do I love the Brideshead Revisited (both the book and tv series), but this is one spectacular house, and it has fantastic grounds to boot. This picture also features some tents that were set up on the lawn, as they happened to be filming the movie version that came out a little while ago while we were there and it was all set up for the wartime scenes.

I know this has been a fairly random selection of images, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I love taking photographs, and visiting places which I can capture and take home with me, and on that note, I’m off to plan my next trip!


One thought on “I’m just travelin’ travelin’ travelin’

  1. Did you blog about your experience at Dell Cheetah Centre at all? We just finished and it was definitely unique. I’m interested in what other people thought. Great pictures!

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