And the name of the murderer is…

A few years ago I read my first Agatha Christie (‘The Clocks’ if you’re curious) and was hooked, I started hunting down other novels at second hand stalls and charity shops all over Manchester and London, my best buy was 7 books for £10 on one occasion. I’ve now got a shelf-full and have read nearly every book, though some copies I own have nicer covers than others, so over the years I plan to upgrade them as and when I find a version I like.

Above are some rather nice reprint cover designs of six of her books, I have a few in this style, as well as some penguin classics and many others in between. I wonder how long it will take to complete my collection?


5 thoughts on “And the name of the murderer is…

  1. Five Little Pigs was a good story, as was Murder on the Orient Express. I read I think 7 of the Poirot novels last year and I’m taking a little hiatus from reading more of the novels with him in them. However, I just finished reading And Then There Were None for the third or fourth time and it is easily one of the greatest mystery novels (if not one of the greatest novels in general) ever written, it’s a wonderful book.

  2. And Then There Were None is indeed a great one, and I recently read Sparkling Cyanide and really enjoyed that. I think the Tommy and Tuppence are always a fun read too, basically I’m happy with any of them!

  3. I have that very edition of the ABC Murders sitting on my shelf! I’d always sort of eschewed Agatha Christie (I have no attention span and I get annoyed if I can’t work out ‘whodunnit’, lame) but a couple of Christmases ago I just had a giant yen to read all of the Christie so I swiped everything my mother had (a load of Poirots, a few Miss Marples and a couple of Tommy&Tuppence) devouring the lot in about two weeks. I’m probably due a revisiting read on that note…

  4. I love that most of them are so quick to read, when I was at uni and trying to avoid stressing about work I was getting through about 3 a week! It did mean I ran out of them pretty quickly though and had to go hunting for more on a regular basis!

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