Drawing – in the loosest sense possible!

I’ve never been particularly good at drawing, a hindrance to an art and design student possibly, but it has made me think a little differently about the possibilities as a result. Rather than the difficulty I feel when faced with pencil and paper, I decided to make the most of my large drawing project in my final year of my degree to explore different ways in which I could “draw”.

My themes were similar to my knitted work so that each project could feed the other, movement, shape and colour. I decided to experiment with the ideas of capturing movement, and other transient things, like music. Some of my more successful “drawings” were based on ink in water or light painting photographs, which were then manipulated on Photoshop, below are a selection of my favourites.

I recently bought some new equipment for my camera, and have started to play, although I’m saving it for a project I’m planning for around Christmas. Getting my camera out again reminded me of these so I decided to dig them out from the depths of my hard drive and share them with you.

Are there any projects you’ve tackled from a different angle and had successful or surprising results?


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