A bit of dance photography

I’ve always loved the idea of capturing movement, and dance and ballet being a particular obsession of mine, a significant portion of my degree show work focused on photographing my knitted pieces on dancers (they can be seen here) and since graduation, I’ve been thinking of other people who have used the same subject matter in different ways. Here’s a selection of some of my latest finds.

Russian Vogue February 2011:

Ethereal beauty, courtesy of Skai Photography:

Lynne Bruning’s dramatic photo shows you can’t go wrong with black and white:

These two photo’s show just how effective fabric in motion can be, I love how simple the set up is, all the focus is on the dancer and the dress (credits below):

Photographer- Alesya Kornetskaya

Model/Ballerina- Anastasiya Zhuravska

Styling- Sabrina Chin

Layering multiple shots really adds to the drama of the movement:

Long exposure shots can be so effective, I love to play with the shutter speed because the results can be unpredictable and more of a challenge but are often worth it! Stefan Giftthaler simple yet haunting shot is a great example of this technique:

An oldy but a goody, this shot from 1930 by Vladimir Tolman show’s the joy of movement, in such a seemingly spontaneous and natural way:

I’ve kept my favourite until last, the colour and textiles are so wonderfully expressive, and the long exposure shot perfectly illustrates the stages the dancers body goes through in the course of the movement.

This is what I aspire to be capable of.


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