A little hint of some large knitting

A recent purchase of mine has been a chunky knitting machine and ribber attachment, because my room clearly wasn’t full enough of knitting paraphernalia already! To get me (and you) in the mood for winter knits and Christmas present ideas, I’ve gathered some inspiration of the chunky variety below, so feast you’re eyes and try not to drool on your keyboard!

This is an arresting photograph by Achim Lippoth of Ann Eckers children’s wear collection for Kid’s Wear Magazine, is so tactile and textured looking that it seems almost too good for just the kids to wear!

Giles Deacon’s super chunky cardigan from his A/W 2007-2008 collection, perhaps a little impractical but oh so warm and comfortable looking.

A cropped chunky jumper may seem a bit of an improbable item for your wardrobe, but when Sandra Buckland is involved, nothing seems like a bad idea.

Knitting with knitting is always an interesting concept, and this Jacob Oram design looks particularly appealing.

These pieces from the collection More or Less by Nanna van Blaaderen take chunky to a whole new level, and I love the styling of the photographs, the model’s hair in particular is a nice touch.

So there we go, I hope the above have helped to keep away thoughts of the delightful cold weather we will soon be experiencing, and maybe inspired a super sized project of your own.


2 thoughts on “A little hint of some large knitting

  1. PLEASE! where do I find the pattern for photo #1… I don’t think I can live without it! 😍😍😍

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