Ceramics to fall in love with

I recently spent three days learning to throw porcelain, something I have wanted to do for a long time, and though I think it’s fair to say I’ve got a long way to go, it is definitely something I hope to continue and grow more confident with.

Here are some beautiful pieces by ceramic artists and makers that I have found inspirational:

These are porcelain shot glasses are by Roberta Polfus, and aside from the lovely colour and carving, I love the idea of delicate little shot glasses like this!

These unique chain and porcelain pieces are by Sarah Cihat, working in collaboration with Michael Miller, on a project called ‘Taken’. Cihat has another interesting project where she ‘rehabilitates’ old plates by reglazing and refiring them.

These quirky teacup wineglasses are from Country Living and I love that they would make fantastic cocktail glasses for when you’re feeling a little whimsical.

More rustic in feel but still beautifully realised, these stoneware pieces by Janet Williams use interesting glazes and colour to enhance their physical qualities.

Isabelle Abramson works in porcelain and explores ideas of negative space, this bowl is a wonderfully decorative example of her work.

Finally, have a gander over Melinda’s blog Little Old Hat for her how to on Waterslide Decals, I’ll definitely be giving this a go as an easy and inventive way to customise the contents of my kitchen cupboard!


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