My Degree Show (it’s hard to believe I’ve finished!)

My final major project in my third year of university led to me knitting six garments that became part of a videoed original dance piece and a series of photographs which I took. My project statement explains my approach:

“As a knitter with a long held interest in garments, costumes and performance of all kinds, I wanted to not only construct original pieces that drew on my inspirations of shape, structure, movement and colour, and exploit techniques exclusive to knitters but also explore the ways to present my work in an original way. By photographing the pieces on dancers, as well as exploring the movement aspects of my work by choreographing and videoing an original contemporary dance piece that used the garments in a responsive way, I am able to place my work in a performance context.”

The pictures below show my degree show space at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I presented the body of work I had produced this year.

The degree show was an interesting experience and it was lovely to hear people’s thoughts on my work, as well as being able to see what my peers had produced too.


9 thoughts on “My Degree Show (it’s hard to believe I’ve finished!)

    • Thanks so much for hunting through here to find this! I’m totally in love with dancers on pointe, I want all my photoshoots to include them! Maybe we should collaborate on a bit of a project! x

      • I love that idea! I feel we certainly should! I’ll have a ponder and next time we find ourselves in Embankment Starbucks we’ll plan something! Cheers for getting me on here btw, I’m loving the creative outlet x

  1. These garments are absolutely amazing. May I ask how they were knit? Did you handknit all of the pieces or use a knitting machine?

    • Thank you so much! I knitted them all on domestic knitting machines, aside from a couple of parts which were done on Dubieds. I couldn’t have hand knitted these, just would have taken far too long!

      • I was wondering — you would have to be the fastest knitter in the world to get those done in time for your show! 🙂
        Lovely though — seeing these inspire me to keep creating! I’ve been thinking of getting a knitting machine but not ready to take the plunge just yet!

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